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At Nzone In Chantilly, The Body?s A Temple, The Church Is A Gym

After having a positive experience and hearing raves from relatives home about the gym, Zamora decided to give religious services a try, too. His family has been coming for a little over a year. The kids love it. We have to drag them out of here, he said on a recent Sunday, pointing to the turf field where youngsters have an abbreviated service and then can run around. That morning, Zamora and hundreds of other churchgoers paraded onto the basketball courts, which are transformed every weekend with giant carpet squares and comfy chairs. Mostly young families in sneakers and sweats filtered into the cavernous room that was pitch dark, except in one corner, where a band rocked out onstage. Behind them were three huge screens, flashing the lyrics to their songs. After the opening act, Andrews bounded up http://ciaffonebook.beeplog.com/292180.xml in jeans and a green henley, and launched into a sermon about baptism.
Full story: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/wellness/at-nzone-in-chantilly-the-bodys-a-temple-the-church-is-a-gym/2013/12/10/9adab608-60e0-11e3-94ad-004fefa61ee6_story_1.html

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