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Fitness Gadget Skulpt Measures Quality Of Your Muscles

Tao-ces-2014-3 See also: Top 25 Free iPhone Apps webpage of All Time To determine the composition, the device, which is smaller gym in size than an iPhone, presses against the skin where key muscles are located (specifically the biceps, triceps, abs and thigh). By measuring how a current flows within those muscles, data is collected and then synced to an online dashboard. Users can track body-fat percentage, set goals or share the data with others. The Skulpt Aim is priced at $149 and will ship in May. People often gain weight when they first start to exercise and get discouraged when in fact theyre losing fat and gaining muscle. This can be extremely frustrating," said Jose Bohorquez, CEO of Skulpt.
Read more: http://mashable.com/2014/01/06/skulpt-aim-measures-muscle/

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